If you’ve been injured in a bicycle crash or if you’re simply interested in bicycle-related law questions, you’ve come to the right place!

Seattle Bicycle Advocate was founded by lawyer David Catechi, and is a law firm dedicated to advocating for people who love to ride their bicycles. If you have been injured in an accident because of someone else's negligence, SBA can help you pursue fair compensation for your losses and expenses. Right now, you're probably eager to regain your health and get back on your bike without suddenly being pressured to pay your medical bills while you manage lingering pain. 

At Seattle Bicycle Advocate, the focus is on the unique legal needs of people injured in biking accidents, helping to ensure they get fair treatment from insurance companies that often have little regard for their rights. 

Your Seattle bicycle accident lawyer, Dave Catechi, believes that representing bicyclists is an important component of creating a safe environment for all who ride. That is also why Seattle Bicycle Advocate pledges to donate a minimum of 5% of the fees it earns on each case towards local organizations that advocate for cyclists in Seattle.  For more information about SBA’s Advocacy Pledge, click here

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  • Insurance companies, law enforcement, and even other lawyers, seldom understand bicyclists legal rights, so let SBA be your advocate in pursuit of fair compensation
  • Your Seattle bicycle accident lawyer will take over and ease your burden in dealing with insurance companies
  • Medical bills can derail your financial future - avoid collection hassles with help from a professional attorney
  • Pain from injuries can make it difficult for you get back on your bike - get the medical care you need to restore your health
  • You shouldn't have to pay for another person's negligence, so let a Seattle bicycle accident attorney help you get back on two wheels

If you've suffered injury in a bicycle accident, you may be reluctant about pursuing a lawsuit. Most clients feel the same, but circumstances often arise where a lawsuit is the only means of seeking fair compensation. For most people who ride a bicycle, a lawsuit is less about greed and more about getting back on their bike pain free, without the hassle of overwhelming medical bills. This is where SBA can help you.

Your SBA Seattle bicycle accident lawyer is also an avid cyclist, and understands the unique challenges that these cases often pose. Misunderstandings about bicyclists rights are pervasive, and it is common for investigating police and insurance companies to want to place blame on bicycle riders, even when they were obeying all of the necessary traffic laws. 

This means that you can be left with expensive medical bills, missed work, lasting pain, and challenges preventing you from getting back on your bike - something that brings you great joy. Most Seattle residents we represent aren't looking to get rich; they simply want to get back to where they were before the bicycle accident. 

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What Sets SBA's Seattle Bicycle Accident Lawyer Apart?

Most of the people that contact us are worried about paying medical bills, complications with their recovery process, or are afraid they're being taken advantage of by the insurance companies involved in the claim. As a lifelong rider, your Seattle bicycle accident attorney from SBA approaches these cases far differently than any other law firm. Some additional attributes that make SBA unique include:

  • Donating a percentage of fees it earns to various bicycle organizations, including local, statewide, and national entities
  • Maintaining a modest caseload so that every client gets personalized care from their Seattle bicycle accident lawyer
  • Making the streets safer for bicyclists through ongoing education
  • Offering reliable assistance and care, so that clients can take the time they need to fully heal
  • Representing all clients on a contingency basis instead of charging by the hour, which means anyone can afford reliable representation

Personalized attention and care is at the heart of SBA's practice. Your attorney believes that priorities in life truly matter, so SBA's focus is always on family and progressive ideals representative of the bicycling community as a whole.

Seattle Bicycle Accident Lawyer

There are numerous misconceptions when it comes to bicycles and the law. Not only do insurance company representatives often misunderstand bicycles and how riders should interact with traffic, they also seek to minimize claims in whatever way they can. This can leave accident victims feeling more like a number on an insurance company's profit/loss statement than an actual human being.

Your SBA Seattle Bicycle Accident Attorney Deals with the Insurance Company

After a bicycle accident, you are often left with the headache of dealing with multiple insurance providers, which can be downright infuriating. At a time when you should be focused on healing, you are left to deal with the headache and hassle of the complicated insurance industry, and their sometimes total unwillingness to treat you fairly or acknowledge your legal rights.

Part of the problem is that insurance companies often don't understand bicycle riders. Their decisions are based on how they feel bicyclists should interact with automobiles (often based on their point of view as someone who does not ride bicycles) instead of the written laws that pertain to a given situation. In many ways, a large part of SBA's role when handling bicycle accident cases is educating the insurance company while obtaining a fair settlement for clients.

What Qualifies as a Fair Settlement in Bicycle Accident Cases?

The overwhelming majority of SBA's clients aren't looking to get rich or "stick it to the insurance company" - they simply want their life to go back to normal, get back on their bikes, and not have to worry about lasting injury or debt.

In pursuit of a fair settlement, your lawyer may seek compensation for:

  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages from Missing Work
  • Damaged Bicycle and Property
  • Damages for Pain and Suffering

If your injuries are severe, you could be facing a difficult rehabilitation or have lasting accident injuries that affect you far into the future, if not the rest of your life. Fair compensation in these cases can be more difficult to ascertain, but we will work along with you to resolve your case.

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